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Hi, there! Welcome to my blog thingy. This is a new theme so still working out kinks and getting links organized.
Also, just got back into making and posting graphics on tumblr!
If you wanna chat or have questions, don't hesitate to hit me up!
With love, from Ashley <3 *hugs*''

Synopsis Meme [Actor: Munro Chambers, Song: “Starts With Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood, asked by truthislousy]

i know there’s a blue horizon, somwhere up ahead, just waiting for me, getting there means leaving things behind, sometimes life’s so bitter sweet

Movie Synopsis:

When Al Henderson’s (Chambers) little brother was five year old he had promised him that no matter the circumstance, no matter how hard it would be, no matter what he’d have to give up he would always be there to protect him until the very end of his life. He didn’t however, expect his promise to be tested so soon. Henderson’s parents are unjustly convicted of a local murder they didn’t commit and Al’s little brother is at risk of being put in a foster home. In order to keep his promise to his little brother he makes a great sacrifice. He says goodbye to the house he grew up in, his girlfriend he loved dearly and to the only life he had ever known. It’ll be hard but Al was never one to break a promise and he wouldn’t let this be the first time. 

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